Riot ban system is complete utter trash

Hello fellow summoners or should i say monkeys (apes etc.) once again i have been banned for 14 days because of how Riots trash system works. First i should not be suspended for being toxic what so ever They cant tell me what to write in chat and what not. If a team member is being bad i will flame him ofc he deserves it and banning me for that is not only unfair but stupid. But thats not why i decided to to write here (first time btw ) It was because the logs they presented are not even close to be a good reason for a 14 day ban Here are the logs Game 1 In-Game teodosi1: under tower :D teodosi1: cait 0 d,g teodosi1: im not wtf teodosi1: jung diff is far too big teodosi1: you desrve it teodosi1: jung tbh teodosi1: who tf said no teodosi1: monkey teodosi1: nah there is teodosi1: im for sure repoting lee teodosi1: 4/10 teodosi1: %%%%ing ape teodosi1: im right teodosi1: uyes\ teodosi1: soo much better teodosi1: why would i teodosi1: :D teodosi1: jungler :) teodosi1: me teodosi1: nad lee i want the ban immediately lifted :)))
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