Honor system & punishments

I am just curious about what people think of the current honor system and the punishments that you might get. For example I play 4 years LoL and its teh first time I get a chat restriction for 10 games, along with my honor been locked. Last year it was lvl 5 and now it was lvl 4->5. Thing is that if you show that behaviours for 4 years and then for one incident you have your honor locked jjust days before the end of the season seems unfair. It also seems unfair that in order to reach lvl 2 you will need months. From what I read it can take up to 5-6 months to get past lvl 1, which seems so unfair when your prior behaviour was just fine. You believe that this system should stay? I mean all players in any game they have goals and the reason we all try to rank up is to become better and you need the proof of that, which means the boarder icons that you get as a reward. By having that removed, there is no proof of your work the previous year. I mean really now who cares for 1 random skin that you get as a reward. The whole deal is about the boarder icon that shows you made your goal. So, its only me that considers this punishment system broken or you think I am just whining for not getting the rewards? You agree with half a year block on the rewards? I mean why stop there, why not derank someone back to bronze? Why not perma ban instantly? I can go on but there is no point.
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