How to deal with toxic players so I won't be toxic myself either?

Hey everyone, my name is Anthony! I've just been banned for 14 days after a lost game which involved a lot of flaming from multiple sides. Playing in EUW I tend to meet a lot of French players that are toxic to me for no reason, always saying "tg". In this case it started when I asked for a leash on Gromp and my ADC said "tg bastard".. I know I should juste mute people like this, but I somehow always want to respond. I really need tips because I don't want my account to get perma banned. Also; I feel like muting isn't **THE** solution because communication is needed often to win games.. When should one mute a teammate? How to deal with insults before muting? Simply ignoring would be my guess? Even though this might be hard for a verbal person like myself, I'm willing to give it a try. Give me any opinion, I don't care if it might be insulting towards me, I can take critique as long as it can be used to improve myself. Lastly, I know not all French players are bad or insulting, I'm just stating my observation that speaking English will often result in getting "tg" or "ta mere" slung at me. My mother has cancer so trying to ignore this is _really_ difficult for me at this moment. Additional info: I've been muted before but also have had multiple ribbons for the "Teamwork" and "Friendly" honors. I tend to be very verbal, coaching my team what to do when I feel they need guidance. However when I get insulted I can't seem to shut up either.. Thanks in advance, Anthony
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