Player behaviour is appaling: Tired of some support players

Hey there guys. I thought I'd make a post about player behaviour in this game and how it is, to be frank, appaling. All too often people resort to blaming each other, and flame wars ensue. I myself am no better than anyone else. One game earlier this year, I was be griefed by a troll that declared they were trolling, at the time I lost my cool and was chat restricted for 10 games. I have since regained honour level 3 and I no longer flame in chat. It may be difficult to not flame, but there is no point in doing it. On the other hand, advising your teammates is also near enough pointless, due to the amount of ego people have in this game. On many occasions I have been paired up with supports that have straight up trolled me because they think that I "suck at the game." I am by no means the greatest of players but I have learned a lot in 6 months of playing. I have been one tricking Jinx and I have learned a lot about macro play and thus I decided to play ranked in a more serious fashion. I have managed to climb from Silver 5 to Silver 1 this season and it has been rewarding. However along the way there have been plenty of trolls to make the grind that bit harder. Despite these people, I have managed to help the other teammates win the game, I reported those that were trolling and saying I should be reported in all chat and rather satisfyingly afterwards, I got a win and an instant feedback report. I'm an older player, I'm 25 soon, I have been to university as well but I dropped out. I found that a lot of students are equally immature. It is tiring playing with others who are too immature to understand that flaming, ego etc are not conducive to winning. I try to give criticism of plays in a way that doesn't seem like I'm attacking anyone. I remain pathologically positive throughout the game even if we're in dire straits. If I have game knowledge that you lack and I'm trying to help you and the team then it's best to listen. I don't make perfect calls all the time and I do admit to this in chat when I screw up. However, being an ADC main, I have been at the mercy of many a support that was too big for their boots and decided that they wouldn't help me. Just now I have come out of a game where my Soraka support did not use Q once in lane, except from when the enemy Thresh hooked me and Miss Fortune jumped on me. I explained to the support (Gold 5) that you need to come down from the tower to help me because of Thresh's zone of control and poke them down. After typing this, Sora said auto attack the wave with Q in a trolly manner and I said not with Thresh's hook going about. Instead of helping they then said I was bad while it was basically a 3v1 in the bot lane. Then our midlaner who put in a good effort got dumpstered and I was apologetic due to the fact that our lane contributed to this. This support was totally unapologetic and just said that you suck. When I do get a good support, I ALWAYS without exception give them credit. Part of the fun of bot lane in my opinion is the teamwork that is required. When there is a good synergy between the two of you it is really fun and at the end of the game, I feel bad that there is only one honour available to give if another teammate performed well. I do not flame supports, I just make statements about their plays and the match up and what we've got to watch out for, I am usually met with resistance and the support decides to punish me and roam mid then we lose bot tower. I am a Jinx main, through this, I have learned a lot of macro play, I also play Irelia and Fiora top (not in ranked though.) I have been learning other ADC's in draft pick as well so I have more to fall back on as I climb if she is banned. Jinx is quite support reliant in the early game - due to her immobility - but I have been able to make many comebacks by farming up the lane and helping top or bot siege towers or other objectives when I see the opportunity to do so. I do not want to it to be a master slave dynamic. Supports make plays just like ADC's do and we work TOGETHER. With assists going into KDA, I'd say that it's pretty fair, considering the risk of playing adc and the fact that you're bound to be focused by the enemy team later in the game. I am tired of - some, not all - supports putting themselves up on a pedestal. Please get down off your high horses. This type of behaviour is pathetic. The anonymity afforded by the internet and the game itself contributes to that. A lot of people are emotionally immature and resort to petty name calling and other nonsense. Projection is rife. Please do not see me as coming off sanctimonious as I've said I was chat restricted once and I learned my lesson - even if it was a legitimate troll who probably got away with it. The inflated egos of people because of their ELOs and in general is stupid. I've had junglers ( a Rengar ) run around one shotting the enemy team and leaving towers, even if a wave had crashed and it would have been possible to take. In chat he say's "I don't think any of you can carry." Brilliant another pathetic hotshot who thinks they're too good for their team. At times the game can be infuriating for us all. I understand that, and it can take saintlike patience to not flip out at someone who's obviously not trying their best or has given up, making it a 4v6. Riot is too lenient on this type of behaviour. The state of the community is pathetic. It's more a reflection of human nature and the fact that there are factors that enable this bs to flourish. I only wish that Riot would with all the money they make off of us, invest more in improving it. LOL is notorious for having a pretty s*** playerbase and I wish it wasn't that way because I really enjoy the game, the lore, the artwork, the streamers, the channels that teach you how to play. TL;DR Please understand that not all criticism is an attack. It sucks acknowledging that sometimes we mess up but it is the only way forward. Also riot is too lenient on players who throw games because they think they're too good for their teams. Community needs to wise up but I doubt that's gonna happen, just another rant by a player who wants to climb but of course the assholes in the game make that effort even more frustrating. I will try in spite of this.
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