People surrendering early because game isn't going their way.

This is (for me) one of the most triggering things that can happen in a lol game. Let's say midlane has died two times in the first 4 minutes of the game, and then this player starts going: "ff this is over." And continues repeating this over and over til the 15:00 marks hit, same player then starts to /ff at every chance they get. By continuing this negative spiral downwards, this player seems to influence the rest of the team to also start voting yes, even though we are equal or even ahead in golds/turrets or kills. In my experince, you more often comeback late game when you are behind rather than being ahead. Despite this, people seem to enjoy surrendering, waiting for the game to finish, going back to lobby, wait at least 10 minutes to get into the loading screen. Then wait at least 2-3 minutes for the game to load up, sometimes less if you are lucky but more often it's the opposite. And then you have to wait almost 2 minutes for minions to spawn, and then you come back to the laning phase (which is the most boring aspect of the game imo). Only to yet again have that midlaner or whatever to die two times early, and then wanting to surrender again. This happens on so many occasions that the game sometimes feels unplayable, I don't blame the game for this, I blame people who seem to have this extremely egoistic and narcisistic behaviour that they can only enjoy the game if they are winning early, showing off how good they are and blame everyone else if things do not go their way. I feel like if you have this short attention span, maybe League of Legends isn't the right game for you, perhaps something more casual like Rocket League would be a better match?
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