To the moderator who sleep too much and someone else need to do his job

First I will tell a story and after I will say what is the actual problem. Last weeks was a post about a kid who wanted to give an idea who could change **THE RIOT INDUSTRY AND BEYOND THIS**. I told him that his idea was not good and he called me and idiot ("you're such and idiot"). I responded with something like "is adult stuff and that's why you can't understand". My comment was removed for **Being offensive towards other players**, but not his comment. I waited like an hour and his comment was still there after I also reported it from beginning. So I made a post about this situation where got deleted for **Naming & Shaming** and also his comment. Conclusion: I need to make a post for the selective moderator just to do his job. _-_ Now the problem: How the fk you call yourself a moderator if this post is still here? > There are 4 hours and you can't say that you was so busy and didn't had time to remove it. My comment + post was removed so fast it make me think that you get notifications every time I do something on this boards. Good that this was the only one post like this. Oh no, there are [2]( Hope that no one find out. But wait, now are [3]( Or [4]( God how much you like to sleep. ehm.. [5]( _-_ I wanted to let this problem to die like the other comment where I was called "stupid shit" who happened a long time ago and the comments is still there right now. I just got tilted about how I am not allowed to get at the limit of the rules, but other can and I need to get a warning again just to make them get one too.
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