Why is smurfing allowed?

I want a good explanation for why should a diamond player push me down below my correct ELO. Why should i play against people who have far greater skill, far greater experience in the game and far greater game knowledge who simply run me down and i have absolutely nothing to do about it? Maybe riot doesn't get it, but many people do. *Smurfing is the core reason balancing this game is so freaking hard.* Yasuo in low elo is god, nasus in low elo is god, master yi in low elo is god, jax in low elo is god and that list goes on forever. Take those champs to diamond elo and they're below average. You know why? because people in high elo have the game knoweldge and understanding of how to counter those champions. Now imagine a diamond player taking jax to a silver elo game. He would wreck total havoc because low elo players don't have 1) basic game skills such as farming, warding and they get caught a lot 2) they don't know how to counter those seemingly "overpowered" champions at all. So what happens is that there might be some *well above average players for silver* in that game who are being totally and utterly crushed by that diamond jax and are actively getting shoved down the ladder for no reason at all. On the opposite side of the game there are some terrible well below average silvers which should be something like iron 10 which are getting totally boosted, ending up in an elo well above their skill. The next thing that happens is that those boosted low skill-high elo players ruin some games for their team because they're not in their suitable skill level and basically got crushed by their enemy laner 0/10, which guess what.. was a diamond smurf. You cannot balance a game like that. you just can't.
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