Does it became normal to wish death?

Hey there, good monday evening. So just wanted to hear your thouhts about this kind of behaviour, when people wishing cancer, death, ebola or any other horrific things to you or your beloved ones. Does it became normal thing to wish for? It seems that such a words becoming normal thing just like greeting your neighbourghs at morning, you just greet fellow players by threating them to get cancer, die from aids, ebola or other diseases. And while some of you just shrug it off, I can't stand it. I personally know what cancer is, and how fast it takes someone you love so much. I allways tear off when people wish my parents to die, cause not long ago it became reality and it hits me hard. Usually it ends in leaving games and I don't even have chance to report that person, but do they get punishment they deserve? Is it possible to expect atleast chat restriction for such a words?
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