Do you really want to win?

No, really. Ask yourself that before you enter a ranked game. Do you really want to win? The logical answer would be : "well duh, ofc why else would i even play the game". But there has been this new trend i have began noticing and it keeps occuring more and more often. People give up, too easily. And how do they justify it? With words like "i don't want to boost this noob mid/adc/top". Buddy, you are not "boosting" anyone, you are playing the game to win some LP, to improve, to gain more experience, and ffs to have fun? if that person is really that bad, they will lose their next game and keep falling down the ladder. There is no reason, to justify your inability to carry a teammate who is performing worse that game, by saying stuff like that and spamming ff after you lose 1 turret, 1 drake or whatever. Oh, and also making them feel bad. If you queue for a game, don't queue expecting it to be a 20 min breeze game, where you will stomp 40/10 in kill difference with 5 drakes and baron. And give up as soon as thing get more complicated. Queue for a game only if you REALLY are ready to WORK for it. Sry you guys, i just really hate the give up attitude. So, from my recent experience, I have a small yet pretty straight forward recipe on what to do about that 0/5 mid/top/adc/jngl/supp. I have had this 0/4 mid laner, but they did not get salty nor flame. They kept apologizing and repeating they were tilted from their last game. To which, our supp unfortunately jumped like a shark smelling blood "then don't play you stupid ***" . Luckily, our jngl adc and me, were supportive. We said a few simple words. "it's ok, it happens" "Just keep trying your best and allow us to carry you" "That is what a team is for" . And well, the mid later went 7/5. After the game, they were so thankfull and surprised there actually are nice people out there, and they told us we made their day. Which feels really nice. So, tldr, if you really want to win, make it easier for yourself, and try not make a situation worse. Try help out, you don't have to be overly annoyingly positive in a fake way, but just, pat that person on the shoulder, tell em it's gonna be fine and watch them magically untilt. Works everytime. Oh and also, for the love of poros, do not queue expecting the game to go fast and easy. Always anticipate it's gonna be a 50 min struggle and then rejoice if it does not end up as one.
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