Dear toxic player, is it really worth it?

Listen, I am not telling you in this post if you do the right thing or not. I am not telling you if you should act toxic or not. I am not telling you that you should stop or not. But the thing is, no matter if our community is childish or not, our community does not like how you are acting. It doesn't matter if that is justice or not, if that is fair or not, but in the end you will get reported. You will get reported and you will recieve punishment. Then you go here to the boards and create a post, saying how unfair Riot is and ask how you can unban your account. The irony is, that you ask the community if your ban is deserved. You ask the players who reported you! You are asking the players who doesn't like you! When you paid for skins you've lost your money. You will lose unlocked Champions, Runes and Masteries. You have to create a new account. You literally lose everything with a permaban. So I'll ask you again: Is it really worth it?

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