Ban worthy?

So, I've been chat-restricted for 10 games. Is that chat-log so bad? Tl;dr fizz was afk at fountian after giving up mid lane, saying he can't move. He did not want to show ping, or to relog into game. Just was typing near the fountian. Yet, I get a chat restriction. Wut? [ ] > Game 1 > Pre-Game > VrmnQ: play whatever you play best, stop looking at > VrmnQ: bot will be hard... > VrmnQ: play safe jinx > In-Game > VrmnQ: :D > VrmnQ: oh > VrmnQ: we all are skinned > VrmnQ: we will lose then... > VrmnQ: k > VrmnQ: where? > VrmnQ: what do you mean you cant move? > VrmnQ: what is your ping? > VrmnQ: he's trolling > VrmnQ: restart > VrmnQ: and he doesnt restart > VrmnQ: see > VrmnQ: he trolls > VrmnQ: report him > VrmnQ: yes you do > VrmnQ: you type > VrmnQ: you feed > VrmnQ: you dont want to show your ping > VrmnQ: uou troll > VrmnQ: report fizz, thx > VrmnQ: afk at fountian > VrmnQ: no > VrmnQ: you troll > VrmnQ: you loie > VrmnQ: lie > VrmnQ: and you flame > VrmnQ: show ping > VrmnQ: lol > VrmnQ: coz you lie > VrmnQ: reported > VrmnQ: and he flames at fountian lol > VrmnQ: open mid? > VrmnQ: let's just go next > VrmnQ: and report fizz > VrmnQ: yes it is > VrmnQ: you are liar and feeder > VrmnQ: and flamer > VrmnQ: you afk, call people %%%%%%s and flame > VrmnQ: so reported > VrmnQ: no, let's just go next > VrmnQ: no sense playing 4v5 > VrmnQ: even if we wikk be winning that fizz will go and feed > VrmnQ: i played with him once > VrmnQ: he trolls > VrmnQ: pls report fizz, he trolls not the first game, thx > VrmnQ: but he can type, and dont want to show ping, or restart... and flames us, lol > VrmnQ: he just ragequit :D > VrmnQ: too late > VrmnQ: def > VrmnQ: lol > VrmnQ: 1 hit > VrmnQ: gj > VrmnQ: noone important died > VrmnQ: :D > VrmnQ: wp > VrmnQ: report fizz > Post-Game > VrmnQ: pls report that fizz > VrmnQ: afk and flame > VrmnQ: thx > VrmnQ: i did more damage than fizz > VrmnQ: and he says "not my fault" > VrmnQ: fking trolls >
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