What is up with these people?!

Hiya, So what is up with these feeders? I don't get it.... People are going 2 vs 4, 2 vs 5, 3 vs 5 and etc.... How do you hope to win? You're behind and still going in a 1 vs 5? Then blaming you're ADC for not helping. You can't win when you're against more players (unless you're super fed)! They kept going and going and blaming me as ADC for not helping. What am I to do? I stay the f away, because I know we will lose that teamfight for sure. Are people that stupid to not understand? Just because I'm an ADC, means I can't play alone 1 vs 5. I need someone to peel. These fights are just there with no focus. All attack random players. How am I able to position when none is in range and the tanks are going behind me? Let me explain how things work in teamfights: - Tanks go in front, tank the damage and focus the carries. - All squishy AD and AP damage dealers stay behind the tank and attack the closest target (or if you can, focus use your CC onto a carry). No matter how low someone is, you keep your distance. If you can't get the kill, then don't chase it and leave it be! It not worth dying for if your whole team gets killed! I'm not a pro player and I do make alot of mistakes myself, but I use my common sense to judge whether a teamfight is worth joining or not. Unlike most of the people I play with who just mindlessly attack someone to get kills.
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