Advice for new players:ON this game from now on you can get baned or even permaban for doing nothing...just for fun.I u mean when you get with stupid premade trollers who will do shitty things and flame you even when you have 20-0 and they have 0-10...they will report you for fun couse they just suck and you will get banned...riot staff logik.For examble my last game i was 23-2 and all my team 0-10,0-11 but they wanted to flame me and report me so i got perma.All players will leave from this game at least in 1 year like i did.As all old player know this game need only luck-good team to play vs brainless 10 years kids who have e-bay or paid accounts as all players right now is.Btw i am plat i play from beta and trust me this game have worst staff in history of games and i am sry for say that but is the only truth....the guys who will flame this discussion will be from riot staff 100%, i have learn what you do all this time ;)
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