Suspended for 14 days for no reason (apparently "bad behaviour")

**Suspended for 14 days because of bad behaviour... Right...** I was playing earlier this day (or maybe yesterday, can't really remember) and it was a frustrating game, because it started well, but soon after was doomed because some poor decision making and really all of teams lack of skill. At about 25 - 30 minutes we surrendered after my team flamed each other to hell (I know, what a surprise). I sat there quietly, because if I recall (no pun intended) correctly, I was muted all of my teammates. After our Xayah chilled out a bit, our Rakan started to flame and said "report our jungle, mid" (as per usual). I know that, because I either unmuted them later or I didn't mute them in the first place. But whatever, that's not the point. After that game I took a long pause and when I sat down to play later that evening, I got a message, that I am suspended for 14 days, for bad behaviour. I couldn't believe that, because I really don't care about the game so much, that I would rage there or curse or do anything of that kind. It was even funnier, when Riot included my chat logs in the message where they said that I am suspended from playing. I will include the copied text from the message, if I could I would happily post some screenshots, but I can't. So Riot, how does your "suspending" or what you call it system work? Does it just ban people if they get a few reports in the game, does it note that there is nothing in the box below the main category selection when reporting? Just how does it know, when to suspend someone, and when not to, because I am really upset that I got banned for nothing! At least put some evidence for what I got banned, not these chat logs, because that only made me laugh. Here's all the content from the suspension message I got that it allowed me to copy Game 1 Du6as: if you both dance it's a duo dance right? Du6as: niiice Du6as: ty Du6as: care Du6as: all good Du6as: damn Du6as: ill solo Du6as: gj Du6as: WURF Du6as: guys don't throw :D Du6as: we cant do shit to vlad Du6as: gj Du6as: nope :P Du6as: dude Du6as: do smthing Du6as: how did karthus get 8 kills against akali? Du6as: ohhh Du6as: that triple Du6as: now i remember Du6as: lol Du6as: sure sure Du6as: yeah Du6as: WHOU Du6as: that r dmg Du6as: you tried :D Du6as: rly? Du6as: RLY? Du6as: that's so tilting xDDD Du6as: we lack cc Du6as: %%%, %%%, %%% Du6as: can you type anytning else? Du6as: lool Du6as: sure report one, report another Du6as: teamgame Du6as: eal? Du6as: heal? _P.S._ I've heard that people are getting suspended for false reporting, because they report just too much, but this is not the case, I very rarely report someone.
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