Give us the possibility to honor multiple players. Thank you.

Sometimes, you have those great games during which you would like to honor multiple players because they were really nice. Sometimes, you've those multiplayers who kept their cool while being insulted and flamed. However, with this sytem, you're forced to make to honor "the best honorable person". IT'S SO SAD ! Same goes for the enemy team. In rare cases, I want to honor some of them because either they were nice, or because they fought really hard giving me a nice game. This honor system is sad. There's no reason to have to choose only one person per game. It's also very naïve to think players would randomly give honors when clearly, it's not the case. This system doesn't push me to honor, it pushes me to make that moral choice I hate, reducing at the same time my capability to thank players for their behavior, both in victory or defeat. Right now, we have three types of honor. I wish we could at least be able to give 3 honors according to them. So I could thank that guy who was very nice, thank that guy for not melding down when losing or being flamed, and thank that guy for the performance he did. Also I would like to be able to honor one person of the enemy team per game. That would be a start. {{sticker:galio-happy}} Thank you,
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