Can i reverse a ban that was a permade abuse???

i was playing a game with 4 premades i said i was playing full ad darius they dint say nothing the game continues and then on min 7 the enemy jungle literally goes top and im 2v1 gnar and nidale are just pushing the tower and im there only getting the xp of the minions they got the tower my senju not even gaking bot or mid then they got herald and spwaned it on mid and then they grouped as 5 to get both bot towers i tried to get the senju raptors to get my 20% cc item i dont remember the name and then she smites the raptors and kills a cannon wave in top lane after that i was only farming trying to get my IE and they were trying to win 5v4 vs a fed pyke and a fed akali ofc they dont win and then they started pinging me alot every time that they die and i said in the chat that's not my fault i dint fed pyke or akali they after that they started to threaten saying kid if you dont shut up ur gonna get a 4x and i was like ok its not my fault after that game they reported me and i got banned and its not my frist time im trying to controll my chat for 7 years now and i finally did it the chat logs on the perma ban are the logs of that game so i got perma banned for a single match cuz a kid got mad at me and then told the 3 friends to rep me tell is this fair?
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