Too much of a honor punishment

Hello All, So I just wanted to get your insights on the ban and punishment system because I am a) furious, b) confused. I was honor level 5 since the honor system came in. Usually I do not use the chat, try to stay positive and just solve my issue internally even if we are loosing. I had a game this summer where I just snapped. Our jungle was spending the first 20 minutes of the game trolling every lane and when we called him out for it, he started becoming toxic. I folded and got into the argument (very big mistake). I believe my biggest mistake was calling him a "piece of sh**". At the end of the game he told me he is working for RIOT and that I will be banned right after the game. During my 10 years in LoL I have seen kids saying that line countless times, however to my greatest surprise right after my next game (appr. 30 mins) I received a chat ban. Now this might have been a coincidence and RIOT or the Tribunal system (if it still exists) just worked really fast (which would be normally reassuring, as I did the offense, I also believe that I deserved the punishment), but here is where the story gets intense. I have received a 10 game chat ban as a first time offender (which i am not sure if appropriate or there is smaller punishment), however after palying through the games my Honor was locked. I had to play for over a week to unlock my honor which was now Level 1, Step 1. This is infuriating. Now I am writing this article to hope and get an understanding on how is this supposed to work and whether similar happened to anyone else? I didnt complain before because I completely forgot about it during the summer and I was sure that my honor will go back very soon as usually I reach Honor 5 from 2 in a 2-3 months. However today I received the season end notification in the client and realised that I am stil in HONOR 1!!!! After more then 3 months of playing normally (like how I do on Honor 5) I am still not eligible for ranked rewards. So I am a first time offender in 10 years, I get a chat ban for being toxic but not offensive and then I am put down to Honor 1 level 0. I thought this might not be fair so I looked up and according to the boards from a few years ago, for a punishment like that I was not supposed to be put under Honor 2, but yet here I am till facing a big fat "not eligible" sign for my ranked rewards 2 days before the season end. This seems a little bit excessive to me.
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