In game punishing toxicity

I joined game and got support cuz im of autofill... Great i want to play shen! everything starts great but i see then i got wrong runes... Nvm ill play anyways it happens to every1... My toplaner gets first blood Great.... Riven from enemy team types in all chat %%% and i say oh boy you love chatting... and she answers with stfu kid %%% or something idk.... later in game my team starts trolling mid ints top ints and adc is never on botlane.... i say to vlad that was 1/7 thats sad how he plays and how he has 48 cs at 20 mins cuz he head lead and i see ekko going 0/3 and i say stop feeding he says ok ... Then when i saw my adc never on bot i started farming cuz no one did and then vlad(toplaner who ended 1/11/1) says haha rep shan noob 33 farm there i started tilting a bit and said how its just sad how he plays and things like that nothing extremly toxic i gone top and started farming since game was lost so i had nothing to do and when i got about 60 cs i said i got more farm than you on what he said gg i troll Next game i got jg cuz i wanted to play a bit of Master Yi and i see i got chat restricted but i got no notification on that... my team ints game but im more tilted on how i got chat restriction and after game it pops to me that player who i reported got punished but i got nothing for my chat restriction... ill apply ticket but someone help me and say why would i get chat restricked for saying : Its sad how you passed tutorial Stop inting Its sad how you are s bad at this game so bad for this game ... Ihad almost honor lvl 2 and i get banned from chating Very good !!!! {{champion:91}} Lazarlol1 Eune
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