Have all the good players left league and do only the toxic remain?

Well, i really don't know how to title this topic without getting downvoted out of the forumpost list, but neithertheless. I feel like the community keeps getting more and more toxic. It's no secret that League is heavily tanking playernumbers and League content on youtube is on a all time low. It took Riot a inexcusable amount of time to make toplane playable to a point where it is really hard to actually be happy about the fact that top is now a serious lane again where a lot of pics are viable. I kinda mix up the topics so sorry for that, but i just feel so let down by riot lately and i really would love them to succeed, but since season 6 everything just falls apart around here. I try to get friends to play the game and they complain that league sucks and it feels like you are not fighting the enemie team, but your own. Toxicity even in the lowest parts of the League experience. You start a new game and even though you have no idea how ot play the game you get flamed, blamed, basically you get "League of Legend", can't wait until this becomes a meme, guess i will post it later at reddit, since thats the whole source riot takes of ideas and critizism. TL;DR Do you honestly feel like League of Legends is a fun experience nowadays? Obviously it is no casual game anymore, so change my mind down in the comment section.
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