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Dear f*n riot! I just got suspended for 14 days. And i am now here to share with you all why i think its f*n %%%%%%ed and why its brain dead for a multi-billion dollar company to have an automatic chat bot controlling bans in the first place. Do not even try to say that crap we have people looking over every single game to make sure all decisions are justified. f*k you i got banned the second i got out of the game so stfu about that ). Here are the chat logs, ignore my bad writing i am a bit %%%%%%ed myself when i type fast so pls dont roast me. https://i.imgur.com/2eS8XmU.png https://i.imgur.com/NMTobva.png https://i.imgur.com/kTibikU.png https://i.imgur.com/utjCX1X.png https://i.imgur.com/xmAHMFk.png https://i.imgur.com/nmvFtHE.png https://i.imgur.com/tLU6iES.png https://i.imgur.com/qwvtMkw.png https://i.imgur.com/MZijhNU.png https://i.imgur.com/G8kjTWz.png https://i.imgur.com/WmsNko1.png https://i.imgur.com/e1lC0aQ.png https://i.imgur.com/SWbanRF.png https://i.imgur.com/P6yagyg.png i wont really go that indepth about the game because i dont feel like i have to prove to anyone gold players are braindead ( especialy if they think they know anything about this game ) all you need to know is we invaded by my call to their red. got fb. their team had a rengo smurf who then made the call to go invade our red. our vayne face checked after not helping us invade and died for no reason. ( just a sneak peak at what IQ we are looking at ). Anyways, i am a player who believes communication is key, telling people their mistakes helps them take notice of them and improve them. i expect the same from others and try to improve myself. Debate is key. Not blissful ignorance because offending someones feelings is bad mkay. i was really toxic i admit that. but this wasnt the case anymore. I reformed. i see that inting games really dont help anyone and that the game is really over when you stop trying. BUT that doesnt mean i still dont believe in the fact that i have the right to tell someone their mistakes ( and ofc theirs to tell me mine. ) The only real reason i became a toxic player in the first place was because riot doesnt care about actual sad reality that is anythign other than lcs. its a cluster%%%%. most people are boosted to anything between gold- diamond ( or get lucky and get carried by smurfs who are infesting this shitty game , ironic since i am one but besides the point this is my main acc now thanks to riot banning my main ). Literaly everythign new to league is somehow a very well thought out marketing scam to make US the players waste more and more money to support a game we all fell in love with in 2009. And i am fine with that. I have no problem spending my hard earned money on completely useless esthetics. I dont. Because outside of the fun factor, this game brought me and my friends together and gave me some of the friendships i cherish the most today. And i am thankful for that. But league is aproaching dark times. Keep this up and you will lose all your loyal supporters who have been there from the start when you were a shitty 8 bit game with barely any aspirations, in favor of keeping the game interesting for your favorite braindead kids who really spend the most money on skins/merch etc. I derailed a bit, so to get back on track. Your shitty auto chat bot is stupid. You say you review games each by each. Bullshit. You can watch the entire vod of my game in 1s after i get out of it? Also if you did that, game would be a better place since you would realise people getting pissed are not the problem. its the people intentionally not trying in games. stealing buffs/cs from their teammates just to spite them and make them tilt ( in ranked games btw ). feeding 1 kill in lane then going brain afk and crying for ff in min 3. Going 1 /11 / 2 in a plat game because their acc got a sudden boost to dia last season now they are stuck playing games in plat and coz they get carried some games they stay there. That is not against the summoner code? not a single person i reported in all the years i play your shitty game, got banned for any of that ( unless he was a well known streamer, and even then you only did it coz of public attention ). You keep saying communication is key in league. But how are we supposed to communicate if every idiot is so sure they know how to play ( 1.5mil mastery points on champs and hardstuck gold 3 for example ) which they obviously do not. And by ignoring them you are balantly letting them feed their ass off. And if you try to tell them better they tell you stfu noob which usually ends up ( in my case ) losing my temper coz of anger issues and telling them off. opening their op.gg and disecting their acc. telling them they have no reason to think they know anything after being in gold for 7 seasons with 400 games each season. then i get reported and perma banned. Because *we do not indulge inapropriate behaviour in the summoner code* ( making a feels bad annie cinematic 10 %%%%ign years after her release coz you saw not enough people bought annie skins? Thats the summoner code? Really? ) I am getting really tired of being punished for pointing out problems just for league to shut me up in their desperate attempt to keep their money making piggy alive for as long as possible. Without any actual care for the people who got them to where they are. Trash talk is the core aspect of pvp games. If you cant handle criticism the world will look sad for you. I am all down for banning racial slurs or other forms of extreme undeserved hateful behaviour ( altho every reaction has an initial action to trigger it :D flashback to my previous point. ) but telling people they need to stfu and listen coz they are 1 11 2 and obviously either got outplayed ( which i never blame people for losing vs a smurf ) or quite literally does not deserve to play on the level that he/she is. And let me repeat. I will admit i used to be really toxic. I used a lot of bad words and vented a lot of hate towards people who probably did not deserve it. That is why i never complained when i got punished for it. But now i am pissed. All people need to do is listen and even that is too hard because it is such an easier defense mechanism to the stupid brain to just ignore all information that would appear to portray thyself as a stupid person and just filter it as * hate speech*. Quick recap of words that probably trigered the chat bot: -%%%% thsi vayne ( if you watched the vod you would understand why, i explained in the first paragraph how she refused to cooperate and just braindead autoattacked miniosn and cried ) -go jerk off after this one and go out of queue ( pg friendly or smth? ) -idiots ( to my jung and botlane after trying to explain to thsi vayne how me as a blitz catching jinx in a hook means she dies almost all the time especialy if she is alone no matter she had few kills advantage. which happened and my vayne didnt rotate to me she farmed instead of helping me with jinx who sadly just killed me literaly 1 click away from vayne ) -these people are boosted apes -stfu ( vayne cried how she had no peel, after dying like 3-4 times by overextending alone vs a rengo. to which i explained no point peeling a player who isnt even playing the game and trying. i tried to get my midlane to carry since she was also a smurf but to no avail since 3v5 is hard to play with smurfs on both teams ) -garbage player ( to vayne who blamed me for losing a tf in lategame after catching leona and jinx alone form their team. i engage ,we killed them but their team rotated fast and rengo just deleted our carries coz #balance ) -if you find stating facts my vayne had 45% wr in gold with plat last season :D toxic, this aswell post game: which tbh idk why is even a thing? post game behaviour does not affect the game itself who cares?? -shitheads cant listen I will admit that solving confrontations with anger and demeaning words hardly ever works. But i only get this way certain games. i have win streaks no problem, then 1 game and ban? Anyways this game is dying out. it hurts me to see that because with it most of my childhood is dying too and it is not a nice feeling. This is a cry for help. Riot pls stop being so shitty. Get a better balance team. Preferably people above masters atleast, not shitty plat players in season 4. Remove the bot controlling automatic bans. You have f*n loads of money. use some of it to pay actual people to review games and make the game a better place for all of us. And most of all. stop changing the meta 24/7. This is what is dooming the game. Get it to a point where everyone seems to be decent with it and just polish and tweak it. That was it from me. I dont really care if people call me toxic i know i am not i just have a bad way of venting my frustrations that are fully justified at that. So i am done taking crap for defending criticism of mistakes in favor of this shitty forced positivity bullshit you see in kindergarden and the current political agenda. https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=itobdoti her is my op.gg if anyone wants to look at the match stats ( last game in history is obviously the ban one ) or my profile all together. Acc started in iron 4 and got to plat promos in less that 2-3 weeks. with a currently 63% wr because i only play support and carry with support with few champs to pick from is hard in this elo. I dont really have an agenda here, getting my acc unbanned from a 14 day suspension is kinda shitty. Sucks my honor is back to 0 so easily after having to get literally 10 million honors just to get back to honor level 1. But what would be nice is to stop getting banned for telling people they are garbage if they are. You made iron tier just so that no one would be in it? coz literally every iron player has a gold/ plat friend or 10 bucks to spare to buy boosts from someone. Please, take this warning and start to do somethign about it. Dont be a money hungry shitty big name company that is just trying to sell its product to the buyer-base. Not playerbase, just buyer by now. Gaming used to be so much more than that. But now that the sharks have smelled the bloody money all has changed. Signed- A disapointed fan
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