I'm a Lawyer and my Account has been Perma banned (EUNE).

Hello guys. Before starting, yes, yes, I know, I'm an awful person, absolutely disgusting individual. Basically, I was banned a while ago on my main account that I have played for 5 years, without ever getting banned previously. I peaked mid Diamond, for reference. Let's put it this way, I am a very competitive person in any field, if it matters, I work in courts of law. Supposedly I like to shot call and lead my team, on a different account I got a notification of getting 450% more honors for shot calling than the average player on the server. In my opinion, my "actions" weren't particularly severe or inflammatory to grant a permanent ban, however RIOT disagrees, because apparently sometimes just saying "go next game, ff this one" is considered toxic. Well, if you get above silver/gold, some games in Diamond in EU are generally lost/won within the 10-15 minutes of the game. You just save time in this case. Game 1 AthanKemen: free kill AthanKemen: wtf AthanKemen: wow AthanKemen: im tilted AthanKemen: so lucky AthanKemen: lucky AthanKemen: u had 15 hp AthanKemen: i know AthanKemen: u are super lucky, i pressed E miclicked r AthanKemen: jesus AthanKemen: wtf AthanKemen: ok AthanKemen: w elost AthanKemen: gj top and jung AthanKemen: wtf AthanKemen: was that lantern AthanKemen: are u trolling AthanKemen: that lantern was awful AthanKemen: bg AthanKemen: report top AthanKemen: why u pick this champ AthanKemen: ? AthanKemen: can u hit a e? AthanKemen: im looking at u AthanKemen: two times AthanKemen: when u had kill AthanKemen: if u dont miss e AthanKemen: u miss both times AthanKemen: lucky team veigar AthanKemen: say ty AthanKemen: i rekt u AthanKemen: i died bot AthanKemen: so AthanKemen: stfu AthanKemen: u lost AthanKemen: no pressure AthanKemen: did cait ever hit E? AthanKemen: im looking at her 3rd time AthanKemen: missed E all thetime AthanKemen: when it matters AthanKemen: vayne AthanKemen: ur 0 AthanKemen: u blowed me AthanKemen: im 100 AthanKemen: u 0 AthanKemen: easy AthanKemen: u see all the towers AthanKemen: on the map AthanKemen: that ekoo gave u? AthanKemen: thats why u even do something kiddo AthanKemen: 0 AthanKemen: 0 brain vayne AthanKemen: ? AthanKemen: what help AthanKemen: :DD AthanKemen: ok ki Game 2 AthanKemen: only I am AthanKemen: who AthanKemen: and AthanKemen: ? AthanKemen: i dont know what friend AthanKemen: ur full hp AthanKemen: play up AthanKemen: sona AthanKemen: can u evne play AthanKemen: this champ AthanKemen: ? AthanKemen: u lose flash lvl 1 AthanKemen: u dont position in lane AthanKemen: at all AthanKemen: u have no mana AthanKemen: why u dont pick soraka or something AthanKemen: where at least u are in lane AthanKemen: come bot.. AthanKemen: reported AthanKemen: ur mom is low AthanKemen: monkey AthanKemen: learn to play league AthanKemen: monkey kid AthanKemen: mujte report AthanKemen: ur mo is tard AthanKemen: i will own ur mom AthanKemen: its bg bot AthanKemen: done AthanKemen: anm? AthanKemen: ff AthanKemen: f/f/ AthanKemen: f AthanKemen: a/fsa AthanKemen: f/ AthanKemen: ur mommie is syndra AthanKemen: same AthanKemen: who, sona is crying? AthanKemen: r AthanKemen: good player AthanKemen: sona btw AthanKemen: first item AthanKemen: arden censer AthanKemen: not yours AthanKemen: but ye AthanKemen: nice flash AthanKemen: syndra did it too AthanKemen: so dont feel too bad AthanKemen: same spot, flashed on place :D AthanKemen: let me farm.. AthanKemen: die faster AthanKemen: so u can respawn faster AthanKemen: mao.. AthanKemen: why u doint smite AthanKemen: wtf AthanKemen: u lost 2 drakes AthanKemen: btw AthanKemen: if we had one drake AthanKemen: we would have aced them AthanKemen: b AthanKemen: no ardent censer AthanKemen: on sona :D AthanKemen: b AthanKemen: i need 500 gold AthanKemen: let me farm 500 gold AthanKemen: dont fight AthanKemen: locket AthanKemen: locket AthanKemen: ward baron AthanKemen: and get it AthanKemen: go baron now AthanKemen: recall AthanKemen: i push topo AthanKemen: and u go baorn now AthanKemen: 4 AthanKemen: start baorn AthanKemen: ]/ff AthanKemen: go on baron AthanKemen: can u do that AthanKemen: can u go baron AthanKemen: ?? AthanKemen: go back.. AthanKemen: ff AthanKemen: ur troll AthanKemen: push with mao amumu AthanKemen: good job AthanKemen: ff AthanKemen: we lost now AthanKemen: i was coming AthanKemen: and syndera AthanKemen: u see amumu AthanKemen: > AthanKemen: ? AthanKemen: this is bcz AthanKemen: u pushed AthanKemen: and they got elder Game 3 AthanKemen: i will lose cs AthanKemen: cuz of e AthanKemen: ye AthanKemen: they have exhaust AthanKemen: wait AthanKemen: u exhausted AthanKemen: how did we lose AthanKemen: i thought AthanKemen: u didnt have exhaust AthanKemen: meh AthanKemen: though we can kill her AthanKemen: ok ok AthanKemen: chill AthanKemen: guess leona outdmg u AthanKemen: early AthanKemen: with a shit supp , ye AthanKemen: depressive AthanKemen: dont want to waste hela AthanKemen: and i was close to living AthanKemen: around 30 hp AthanKemen: eh AthanKemen: leona doesnt matter AthanKemen: sad AthanKemen: sad AthanKemen: sad AthanKemen: meh AthanKemen: gank agian AthanKemen: no flash kalista AthanKemen: ye AthanKemen: nice AthanKemen: i cant move AthanKemen: for 100 seconds AthanKemen: just amzing AthanKemen: cant u silence her AthanKemen: so i can jump AthanKemen: ? AthanKemen: r AthanKemen: before AthanKemen: his r AthanKemen: or q AthanKemen: u know blitz AthanKemen: is not a rly AthanKemen: useful champ AthanKemen: kalista AthanKemen: dont talk AthanKemen: say ty AthanKemen: that blitz is such a good champ AthanKemen: i own ur momie AthanKemen: and u will lose kiddo AthanKemen: cuz of monkey mid ? AthanKemen: WHERE U AT AthanKemen: nice flash btw AthanKemen: u know why AthanKemen: i healed? AthanKemen: nice flash btw syndra AthanKemen: go to kindergarden AthanKemen: better AthanKemen: no cs AthanKemen: and feeding AthanKemen: you mean, win? AthanKemen: learn english. AthanKemen: it wasn't AthanKemen: write more AthanKemen: ROFL AthanKemen: ROFL AthanKemen: u know AthanKemen: im not trying anymore AthanKemen: ? AthanKemen: syndra AthanKemen: can u go 2/20? AthanKemen: look my match history AthanKemen: get qss kata AthanKemen: nice luck kidod AthanKemen: ur mom disagrees with that statement. AthanKemen: XD AthanKemen: thank you AthanKemen: 12 btw AthanKemen: kata AthanKemen: qss AthanKemen: go AthanKemen: kid u think u won? AthanKemen: u did AthanKemen: stfu blitz AthanKemen: and hook someone AthanKemen: better hook ur mom AthanKemen: so she can solo me AthanKemen: lool AthanKemen: kata AthanKemen: u die from cc AthanKemen: u need qss AthanKemen: ?> AthanKemen: ? AthanKemen: we cannot end rofl AthanKemen: i told u AthanKemen: i wasn't trying. AthanKemen: u troling irelia? AthanKemen: no AthanKemen: kill frontline AthanKemen: dont dive AthanKemen: unless 100% AthanKemen: ye AthanKemen: ? AthanKemen: ok AthanKemen: nvm AthanKemen: wrd it AthanKemen: so what was that AthanKemen: i cannot play adc? Last lines with " I told you, I wasn't trying, meaning that I turned all cylinders on and we came back from a deficit, I always try to win. There is such an universal concept, called freedom of speech/expression. I agree, this is not the most pleasant conversation in the world, but this is friendly banter in EU :)
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