the system works lmao

punish me for this joke of a chat log but keep the ones griefing keep playing Game 1 In-Game AceFromGorillaz: why is karthus still a jungler?fcking rito! AceFromGorillaz: i hate his q.its so op and easy to hit AceFromGorillaz: his ult is also ridiculously broken AceFromGorillaz: wp AceFromGorillaz: kled hol until i clear some of my camps AceFromGorillaz: gj karthus AceFromGorillaz: they burnt flash AceFromGorillaz: wp AceFromGorillaz: ill get assassin sadly AceFromGorillaz: kled AceFromGorillaz: kill karthus in his blue AceFromGorillaz: fck AceFromGorillaz: those monkeys AceFromGorillaz: bot is so done AceFromGorillaz: not my fault u cant play fiddle AceFromGorillaz: u chose a rl shit support AceFromGorillaz: ok lmao AceFromGorillaz: w8 me AceFromGorillaz: nice troll fiddle AceFromGorillaz: report our botlane pls.toxic trolling kids AceFromGorillaz: can u at least let us carry your game? AceFromGorillaz: stop being a burden just farm AceFromGorillaz: 2/6 karthus deals that dmg lmao how balanced AceFromGorillaz: doesnt even have 1 full item AceFromGorillaz: look lucian lmao AceFromGorillaz: this game is so easy but bot makes it so hard AceFromGorillaz: lmao yes AceFromGorillaz: i never even died botlane only that 1 time noone followed my gank AceFromGorillaz: rene is so broke ndude AceFromGorillaz: i cant even AceFromGorillaz: this karthus will win lmao AceFromGorillaz: fair matchmaking AceFromGorillaz: give to kled wtf AceFromGorillaz: dont fight AceFromGorillaz: vision fiddle? AceFromGorillaz: wtf was that stun rene kton AceFromGorillaz: i got stunned for the entire fight AceFromGorillaz: i wanted to AceFromGorillaz: but rene w lasts for 5 seconds or sth AceFromGorillaz: he stopped me midair AceFromGorillaz: 781 karthus lmao AceFromGorillaz: fiddle AceFromGorillaz: vision AceFromGorillaz: none of u deserve that blue anyay AceFromGorillaz: ure shit AceFromGorillaz: bye troll AceFromGorillaz: youve been flaming for 34 min kid AceFromGorillaz: lmao youve been blaming me cuz you lost botlane kid AceFromGorillaz: now youre griefing AceFromGorillaz: child ahahah Post-Game AceFromGorillaz: i cant even with this game AceFromGorillaz: karthus was useless all game and then becomes op all of a sudden Game 2 In-Game AceFromGorillaz: lmao ok AceFromGorillaz: broken piece of shit AceFromGorillaz: idc its lost either way AceFromGorillaz: gj rene AceFromGorillaz: kill the afk like a noob u are AceFromGorillaz: twtich bot AceFromGorillaz: wtf is this braindead champion? AceFromGorillaz: lmao AceFromGorillaz: he took 80% of my hp with 1 trade AceFromGorillaz: elo farming with braindead champ,typical silver AceFromGorillaz: 0/8 AceFromGorillaz: wee win late AceFromGorillaz: u arent doing anything anyway AceFromGorillaz: look your lane then talk AceFromGorillaz: 1/3 bot AceFromGorillaz: learn to ward then AceFromGorillaz: ali types and let cait die.rl dude?lmao AceFromGorillaz: u proly deserve it AceFromGorillaz: its funny when all 3 lanes are lost and the all plame it on me AceFromGorillaz: blame* AceFromGorillaz: yea lol
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