The banning system is a joke

Hello all! Some time ago I got a chat ban for almost no reason. I was furious about it because I know I got a ban for replying without offending players. It's all water over the dam, I made up with it. But a few days ago during a ranked game for ally mistakes, I was insulted, I ignored it as much as I could. In the lobby after the game, the player who had previously offended me, wished me and my family cancer and death. I took a screenshot (link attached) and reported it. In addition, I wrote to the game support who practically ignored it. As I check the player's match history, I can see that he still has the opportunity to play. In my opinion, such behavior should get a permament ban. So I ask you again ... where is justice? I, who basically gets banned for nothing for 2 weeks and degradation of honor versus a player wishing someone sickness and death (I think he didn't get banned and if so, only 2 weeks for chat). I also ignore the fact of players who die intentionally and make fun of it. With every similar story I'm fed up with this game and support approach to this matter. What do you think about it?
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