Perm ban for pretty much nothing xD

I am not here to whine about my ban, it's... whatever, I just found it really funny that I got perm banned from this shit game for pretty much nothing xD - sorry, I am here- let's go lux.. step it up -.- This lux though.. Not really.. you play like a moron, go all guns blazing, then die... let me stand alone twitch vs caitlyn and leona.. pft Useless support Yeye, you suck, muted and reported, enjoy. nice try nunu lux.. use the fucking map -.- gg This team :D best team ever They all suck like shit (except Nunu) and I get all the blame, lovely. xD hahah Nunu xD I thought the same thing Then he just stands there xD Finally wauw... Ye, surr at 20 We lost this Nah nunu, keep fighting bro, just surr at 20 really cho.. You fucking failed that shit.. omfg Worst players ever xD good one So? I have retard supp and you can't hold mid for a shit :D kat was down bot more than she was mid xD ahah There we go Stfu cho xD Worst mid EVER worst Cho EVER xD .. Cho, you are the only one who flames here xD and no SS from mid ahha What a joke really.. wauw xD omfg - Of course it's a bit harsh here and there.. whatever, still, no wonder more and more people stop playing LoL and go to other games xD so many people who suck and troll around and you get banned for nothing xD good job riot, just wanted to share :) I know many will say I deserve it etc. etc. , whatever, I got more accounts, it's np. I also know though, that many have been banned for less, so I guess it's only a matter of time, until people start speaking up against this retarded company (riot). gl hf out there "summoners". I will not be active on this forum or in this debate, so all the trash talk etc. will not be written, sorry, I know many people enjoy that and feel better about them selfs afterwards, sorry I can't help there, bye.
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