I was just recently perma banned. Was it really justified? Id like to hear your thoughts.

Just recently I was banned due to "Extremely inflammatory and offensive chat" and the chat log above shows no indication of that. True I was passive aggressive and true I was sarcastic. Many people I have played with exhibit much higher levels of flame and haven't even received a 2 week ban. I am aware that this game I was solo and my other teammates were premade 4 so I am sure that the 4 reports triggered my chat being under review. However what context you lack is a Veigar and a Jinx pinning all mistakes in the game on me (the jungler). Now since I had my 2 week ban I have been doing a lot in order to improve the way I address people and lower toxicity in myself. This is very hard to do when a Janna is literally inting (not just dying or making mistakes) but running head first down mid and dying over and over. I'm fully aware that I may come across as a butthurt crying boy who was toxic and is now begging for it back, however I truly believe that with the amount of toxicity in this game that something as petty as this chat history I have linked can get me perma banned. I think its honestly shocking that all it takes to receive this perma ban is a premade 4 to report me and a few passive aggressive or sarcastic comments. I'd honestly like the views of the community and potentially a Riot employee. I do not wish to say the system is faulty but I believe it is genuinely unfair as I know 1 person who has been using racial slurs in many games since season 6 and has not even received a 2 week ban. I would also like to add that no warning was issued between the 2 week ban and a perma ban. I understand my behaviour in chat log is not friendly but is there seriously 0 warning between a 2 week ban and a perma ban? For those wanting the chat log.Game 1 TheUltimateDave: mb TheUltimateDave: too far TheUltimateDave: i shouldve backed off TheUltimateDave: got greedy TheUltimateDave: lol ok then TheUltimateDave: guess bot want me dead TheUltimateDave: pinged 3 times TheUltimateDave: Kai sa has targeted evellyn TheUltimateDave: yes i did TheUltimateDave: 1 time i hit her TheUltimateDave: then she went in bush TheUltimateDave: and 2 normals TheUltimateDave: youre blind either way TheUltimateDave: farming cause im behind TheUltimateDave: if i fight ill just die TheUltimateDave: what could i do? TheUltimateDave: CC HER? TheUltimateDave: ult gives you a dash reset btw TheUltimateDave: jungler got shut down early by 1 bad play and botlanes blindness TheUltimateDave: so bear with me till i get items TheUltimateDave: and stop crying TheUltimateDave: k then TheUltimateDave: l;ol TheUltimateDave: xDDDD TheUltimateDave: this irel TheUltimateDave: has no clue TheUltimateDave: its funny TheUltimateDave: I went for the trist TheUltimateDave: the more likely kill TheUltimateDave: but sure TheUltimateDave: its all my fault :) TheUltimateDave: blame me if it makes you feel better :) TheUltimateDave: it was :) TheUltimateDave: Im sure :) TheUltimateDave: janna constantly solo TheUltimateDave: but youre duo TheUltimateDave: so ofc its my fault always :) TheUltimateDave: wp all I think we got this TheUltimateDave: my early plays were bad Im still learning TheUltimateDave: but we can win EZ ;) TheUltimateDave: how did janna manage to get that one xD TheUltimateDave: op TheUltimateDave: Janna goes in solo? TheUltimateDave: and gets caught? TheUltimateDave: I get ulted by TF TheUltimateDave: and its my fault TheUltimateDave: lmao TheUltimateDave: premades are funny :3 TheUltimateDave: make me :3 TheUltimateDave: i dont see any pings TheUltimateDave: janna trolling yay TheUltimateDave: easy to focus supp when the supp is inting :) TheUltimateDave: leo is the one he caught in stun TheUltimateDave: running after eve is dumb TheUltimateDave: although I thought a pro like you would know that TheUltimateDave: hard not to be with a janna that went solo 4 times in a row TheUltimateDave: talking to TF :) TheUltimateDave: we couldnt constest even if i was there TheUltimateDave: we wouldve been 4v5 TheUltimateDave: you dolt TheUltimateDave: ill talk all i want TheUltimateDave: putting baron on me TheUltimateDave: when janna was already dead TheUltimateDave: ur pathetic TheUltimateDave: im not responsible for jannas suicide that made baron impossible regardless TheUltimateDave: dont play league if your IQ is lower than your age TheUltimateDave: I was watching baron while farming TheUltimateDave: then janna died before enemy were even near baron TheUltimateDave: lol ur pointless to argue against TheUltimateDave: its like a blind child TheUltimateDave: ah TheUltimateDave: got me TheUltimateDave: ur just so right TheUltimateDave: all my fault TheUltimateDave: :) TheUltimateDave: whatever you need to sleep at night
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