I received a 2 week ban

Hi, So I was punished for "disruptive behaviour", because I died a lot in such a short time. I won't deny that. But to me it wasn't intentionally feeding. I was just doomed in that game: Bad invade, not respecting lane, etc. After that the enemy jungler came to sit me (as I was really far behind, like 3 lvls or so). After sitting me twice he was able to oneshot me (as j4: EQ-AA). He decided to not farm his jungle, but farm me instead every time I entered my lane, even under the turret. That's how I died 17 times in 22 mins, a new record for me and also for the ones running it down maybe. Then I just got 2 weeks banned for intentionally feeding, while it really didn't feel intentional to me. I wasn't making proper decisions. I also commited that to Riot when I thought about that game. I wanted to check my chat logs, but only a link to the (only 1 ) game I described above was included, **int**eresting. Since I didn't feel it was intentional I decided to send a ticket on monday evening. I immediately got the bot responding that I was reported 17 times for intentional feeding in the past 20 games. I was a bit shocked by that. Why so many? When checking my games, I knew in a few games my teammates were spamming that I was inting (while I was doing better than almost every individual, including the ones that were spamming that to me). After that I decided to get a manual review and copy pasted my story and added a few lines, including that I was counterpicked with proof of u.gg. One day later, I received an email that it was sent to Player Behaviour team. And today, my account was unbanned and I got my honor level back! Thank you Riot for the fast response: you unbanned me within 72 hours which is really cool and extremely fast for such a big company! Kill and Win
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