RIP my account [2 week vacation]

I honestly don't know how I will manage to play on this account without getting permabanned, I recieved 2 chat restrictions months ago I managed to unlock honor, get to 2nd checkpoint honor 0 then I get tilted couple of games and insta ban. I will also lose all the money and skins I put in this account. It just feels like shit.I just have periods when I get so tilted I will just go afk,Im not toxic player, there is difference between being toxic and being tilted, for example If im winning my lane I don't even use chat, but if I keep getting ganked by enemy jungler I may go afk and flame my jungler. So yeah. Game 1 In-Game Akaillusion: wow Akaillusion: pls dont play mid Akaillusion: next gmae Akaillusion: ur fighting urgot 1v1 Akaillusion: constantly Akaillusion: ur just bad Akaillusion: yeah Akaillusion: it is definitely my fault Akaillusion: urgot came way down Akaillusion: to midlane river Akaillusion: when i was 1v1ing amumu Akaillusion: yep Akaillusion: 1/3 Akaillusion: 1v1ing still Akaillusion: gj Akaillusion: and then u coplain Akaillusion: when i take all kills Akaillusion: wtf Akaillusion: KILL HIMN Akaillusion: XAYAH Akaillusion: WOW Akaillusion: why flash Akaillusion: gg wp Akaillusion: 9x xayah for toxic Akaillusion: do u know anything else Akaillusion: other than flame Akaillusion: ?? Akaillusion: usles Akaillusion: gj swain Akaillusion: so toxic xayah Akaillusion: how are u not bann yet Akaillusion: swain Akaillusion: ur getting caught 2nd time Akaillusion: gj Akaillusion: just ff it Akaillusion: nope Akaillusion: they have better mid Akaillusion: Yo Akaillusion: I will be afk Akaillusion: for some unknown reason Akaillusion: everybody is literally flaming me Akaillusion: i ganked all lanes i took infernal Akaillusion: everybody flaming me Akaillusion: and praising poppy Akaillusion: a 1/11 poppy Akaillusion: that fed urgot and made game harder Akaillusion: so now they have reason to flame me Akaillusion: honor 1/11 poppy all Akaillusion: And Akaillusion: You kept fighting urgot Akaillusion: 1v1 Akaillusion: when u are already inting Akaillusion: end of story Akaillusion: yes u dont care about game Akaillusion: and yet no one tells u single thing everybody flames me Akaillusion: u all premade or what Akaillusion: yee ye flame more Akaillusion: what about 1/12 poppy Post-Game Akaillusion: 9x vi poppy and cass super toxic Akaillusion: flame all game Akaillusion: 1/13 poppy Akaillusion: flaming Akaillusion: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA Akaillusion: gold 3 Game 2 Pre-Game Akaillusion: i will go trol Akaillusion: yes Akaillusion: u cant even carry games with evelyn Akaillusion: most broken champ in the game Akaillusion: even buffed her ult Akaillusion: u still feed with that champ Akaillusion: HAHA Akaillusion: that is karma kassadin Akaillusion: i will first time pantheon Akaillusion: i have no idea what this champ does Akaillusion: yes Akaillusion: hh In-Game Akaillusion: what Akaillusion: the Akaillusion: fak Akaillusion: my mouse was on minimap looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool Akaillusion: my mouse was on minimap Akaillusion: so i ulted in jungle Akaillusion: and then Akaillusion: you blame your team Akaillusion: because you lose Akaillusion: evelyn Akaillusion: meanwhile 4/2/1 Akaillusion: 0/1/2 Akaillusion: keep afking Akaillusion: AGAGAVAYAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Akaillusion: " I Lose because of yasuos " Akaillusion: just ff 15 Akaillusion: 0/3 Akaillusion: 1/3 Akaillusion: 0/2 Akaillusion: 6/2 Akaillusion: 3/0 Akaillusion: 2/0/3 Akaillusion: first time Akaillusion: performing better than u all Akaillusion: so Akaillusion: 5960th time elise top. Akaillusion: where is my jungler that does good every game but loses beacuse of others? Akaillusion: you know Akaillusion: This evelyn said she loses games because of her team Akaillusion: and that she does good in every game Akaillusion: meanwhile 4 time top elise Akaillusion: yeah Akaillusion: open top Akaillusion: I will be afk Akaillusion: gg wp yasuo Akaillusion: you had jungler Akaillusion: and for your 1/10 powerspik Akaillusion: just buy hexdrinker tristana Akaillusion: and xayah Akaillusion: and yasuo wits end Game 3 In-Game Akaillusion: i will Akaillusion: GDSFAJFUHFA Akaillusion: TH S] Akaillusion: RAMMUS Akaillusion: LITERALLY NO FLASH DARIUS Akaillusion: UNDER MY TURRET Akaillusion: FOR 3 MINUTES Akaillusion: AND HE IS STAYING IN BUSH JUNGLE Akaillusion: YOU ARE AFK Akaillusion: IN BUSH Akaillusion: io go afk Akaillusion: ? Akaillusion: I play against darius Akaillusion: with ignite Akaillusion: that has no flash Akaillusion: and is under my turret Akaillusion: he is my counter Akaillusion: do you understand that right Akaillusion: i first picked Akaillusion: smart Akaillusion: u deserve to lose Akaillusion: edgy metalhead kid Akaillusion: with no friends irl Akaillusion: poser Akaillusion: get herald push top pls Akaillusion: ok Akaillusion: 200e rn Akaillusion: yes Akaillusion: HAHA Akaillusion: ' Akaillusion: gg wp
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