[Story] Hope in the community. Hope in humanity.

Today I was playing League of Legends. I was playing a weird-ass Rammus build and not thinking at all about what I was doing. I spent more time roaming than laning because Malphite was shafting me, and I was helping out whoever I could. We basically had two junglers. Anywho, we start to lose hard against their Kha'Zix, and it's evident that we probably wont win. I tried to be possitive, but then just joined in on the /ff. Our midlaner wasn't exactly flaming, but they weren't happy with our performance. Nobody was properly flaming, but it was hostile behaviour from everybody except our support and jungler. When they were about to bust our T3 towers, our mid complained to our ADC because the ADC had said she was playing for fun or something. I just said: "Guys, please don't argue. I'm only playing to get away from life, and I might be 3/8, but I'm happy. Don't let the game make you bitter." Someone eventually responded "What's up?" I spilled my guts over the troubles of my life, and my team stopped playing, sat in the fountain in a circle, and just talked to me. 4 strangers telling me it was all okay. We went from at each others throats to a serious mature conversation. I just hope all of them leave that game knowing what matters in life, and what doesn't matter. TL;DR **Ranked is only a game. Please, go and spend time with your family, or your friends. Talk to the person who you are angry at. Forgive people for their mistakes. When it boils down to it, 100% of people die. Don't spend your time being angry at strangers on the internet.**
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