Horrible system

ok so i had a game since minute 5 my whole team abused and was negative towards eachother they even abused me but i DIDNT respond my ADC said : This jungler is %%%%ing bad word to word i said even if he's bad do your best to win i told them many time to chill and play even take a 2mins to drink some water and keep going and playing and league support took it as something negative and game me chat restriction i told them i had no negative intentions and they can see that my team was negative but i also "Broke" the summoner code by spamming and blaming i didn't blame i tried to pull my team together because i said idc if he is bad and they said its kind of blaming even that theres an "if" and they literally just trying to block me from stuff just because i tried to pull out a single win with 4 abusers and i spoke with one of them later on who wished "cancer" "Death" and more to me and others ( i managed to contact him through a smurf of mine) and he said he got no punishment from this game so why did i? i didn't get any warning which shouldn't even be fair cuz i didn't even abuse or was negative i just tried to pull my team together and told them to chill up because its true that with positive team the game is more winnable and he is abusing for 30mins and getting off without a warning the system doesn't care it ignores me completely it takes 2-3 days per ticket to be answered this is dumb as hell im sorry but league support is so %%%%ed up me behavior was fine and i know when i do wrong i went through the whole chat log it wasn't short true i did talk there a lot but it was all positive and me trying to convince my team to stop abusing and they call it a spam even tho it might be but it was to try and stop an constantly abuse sure i know mute is the best option even for me so i'll play better But i knew i cant win the game alone so i tried to get my team together and i was completely positive and i got punished for that ~Riot's game support~ the way it works it shouldn't be there at all
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