Going AFK in fountain is not bannable according to rioter

my response from riot "As a last thing to tell you...I hope you do understand that an afk will never be suspended the same way as a negative player or a feeder, since we have multiple systems that help us take action on the players based on what they have done" i contacted riot support and wrote a detailed message on how a player on our team during a game we were winning went into our fountain and went afk for 12 minutes just typing things like "you all suck" the entire time until eventually the enemy team came back and won the game. this player intentionally let the enemy team win by going "afk" in the fountain all while being toxic to us in chat and the response I got from opening a ticket was that this is not bannable. This player is still unbanned, another player called me the n word and told me to kill myself in game, this player is unbanned despite me reporting him. enemy team top laner inted into my lane 14 deaths then flamed his nunu in all chat all game, player still not banned still playing games right now. Riot why is your ban system so garbage? Why is it i get chat bans for arguing without swearing or insulting anyone doing anything to ruin the game yet people who can intentionally feed, admit it in chat and ruin a game for 9 others dont get banned?
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