"Hey again, I am glad that you changed your behavior, and keep doing a good job on "#########", but we punish **accounts**, **not players**, so your behavior from this account will not influence a decision in regards to "Vlad To Kill You", case that we will not be discussing in any way, since you were provided with our take on that across multiple tickets already. That account will remain banned, and that is final. We will be more than glad to assist you with any other concerns you might have, in regards to any other subject League related, but the state of "Vlad To Kill You". Inquiries about that suspension will be closed without an answer. Thanks for understanding, and best of luck!" This is a message i get on support line assistance trying to reach information about a punishment , i haven't got an answer what i looked for , i just simple asked to receive the lines they considered me toxic , they close the subject , i worth the punishment , there is nothing can be done... against .. , i mean it dosn't matter i haven't insult or offend anyone person or gameplay ... , it only matters that i got punished and lost my account .. Exactly this guy on support line assistance claim Riot punish accounts , so bum bum i already understood you punish accounts not players , so basically , you do that for your own interest , if you don't punish players ... , i have an image about this , so they don't give a f124 about how we all change behaviour over time ... , as they punish only accounts , they don't care others behaviour can change , just our money matters when we buy thinghs in your game to use ... , and then dosn't matter anymore you take them for insignificant reasons , i put money in that account and i have no rights to receive answers to what i asked for , i further more got 2 permanent banned assistance line accounts ,which is extremly non sense as they warn me if i keep write about subject and make tickets they ban my account on support line , they haven't ban just 1 they banned 2... What i payed for in this game , if i don't receive the right to speak and ask for information and a good explain about what was there ... , is not like i pay those guys directly , but indirectly i buyed content inside game ,which means i should be threat accordingly and be respected . So what Riot punish now people for accounts ??? , this wake some indignation inside me , as i don't get an answer and tryed so hard to find how and what my chat lines i got considered toxic affect and who got affected by what i talked there , and nothing came out , is like i no deserve to find anything ,cause is ultra secret to find why you got exactly punished for , or there are extremly lazy people who not want to answer , or they just simple not understand my need for that , i am starting to lose my patience , i had lot's of patience inside game , hundreds of games i played and haven't got restricted , restrictions/punishments weren't one after one , there were a distance a big distance between them , so i do my best to have patience being assaulted with people who flame/troll/play bad and Riot support line assistance can't even lose 15 minuts since i lose 10 minuts to write a ticket ... , is like the respect i get is 0 .. .Probably cause i didn't spended hundreds of euros over my account . When i got first permanent ban 4 years ago , i got assisted for everything and answers to anything , as i put more much money in that account, now you have no longer respect if you don't put your money in this game , i tend to think this is the reason they treat you so superficial . GREAT !
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