Just curios...

I`m really curios, what do people think, when they start to complain to the other team. "Oh, look my mid lane... so bad","If only we had a good jungle", and stuff like that, asking for simpathy from the enemy and blaming his team in the process. Beacause I really want to know, what goes into someones minds when he does this, beacause when I read things like that, if an enemy starts complain about his team on chat, I allready know that game is prety much won for me, I might just fuel his convinction saying something like "Yeah.. true mate, it's sad, I had the same last game", even if I didn't had the same last game, and I actually think the people who he blames have no foult. But what does a person like this, expects? :D or thinks.. or what is his thought process... and there must be someone here that does this, maybe he can explain it to me.
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