When Riot wants me to get demoted

I usually don't share things like that because I enjoy the game a lot. Couple of weeks ago I decided to climb to Gold, I play mainly support because I am good at it. At the moment I am Silver, I started from S4 I went to S3 then I was swinging between S3 and S2 but at some point I managed to reach S1, then everything started, I went in a terrible loosing streak, I started getting very odd matchmakings (our top is Bronze 1 and they have a Gold 4 player), how is that possible? I thought that Gold and Bronze can't be matched in ranked game. It is very unfair to the players. All of a sudden I found myself in a very one-sided games, no matter what or how I play, the game is lost at the end. How am I supposed to climb if two players are AFK and the rest are flaming and flaming and rage quitting? I get it, Riot punishes bad behavior, but how does that help my rankings? I am starting to enjoy less and less, because it is not okay knowing that you will anyway loose. Staying positive, doing your best, it doesn't matter, you play your best champion - it doesn't matter, you play a champion that you have never played before - it doesn't matter, you ward, you try but it really doesn't matter because you will end up flamed and people will go AFK or both in the worst case, and you report and that player won't return anymore, but you still loose your points, stay where you are. What to do? How to enjoy?{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} https://prnt.sc/odsild
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