It's hard not to flame and lose your s**t when stuff like this happens in your games

I just played a game where our Tristana was afk from the start, and then team refused to remake the match. Trist came back about 5 minutes into the game and it was already over, their Kalista and Janna were miles ahead, started to roam and it just snowballed. And I'm just the victim, trapped in a game that is going to result in me wasting my time and losing LP, simply because some people don't have common sense. I'm just shocked that the entire team refused the remake. And eventually the Tristana started flaming for my assist count. At that moment I totally understood why some people lose it and just go off on people in chat, because those situations are just cancerous. They wasted my LP and time that I could be using being in a game where EVERYONE is in the game from the start.
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