24 Game Chat Restriction for saying nothing bad except "stupid,kids,trash"

So we had our jungler beg for mid, then proceeded to feed, flame, and say that the jungler begged for it. Someone tell me why this is worthy of a chat restriction? P.S. the troll thing was a joke which is why I said KIDDING after. Game 1 Pre-Game Ultimum227: 4th times the charm Ultimum227: top can u go tnak? Ultimum227: k lol Ultimum227: xD Ultimum227: i troll now Ultimum227: have fun Ultimum227: KIDDING Ultimum227: gl hf Ultimum227: lets not lose this one Ultimum227: oof a morg Ultimum227: yeah exactly In-Game Ultimum227: care for invade Ultimum227: what a strat Ultimum227: asaatrox safe Ultimum227: im not Ultimum227: worried about losing lol Ultimum227: kk Ultimum227: stop tlaking please Ultimum227: all Ultimum227: dont engage please pyke for a while im behind now Ultimum227: need a mental reset Ultimum227: STOP Ultimum227: ENGAGING Ultimum227: AATROX Ultimum227: %%%% off im done with this game Ultimum227: pykes the onlyone who isnt playing like they have 400 ping Ultimum227: aatrox ur reported Ultimum227: no Ultimum227: u asked for mid Ultimum227: so stfu Ultimum227: 0/6 Ultimum227: 0/ Ultimum227: 6 Ultimum227: still engages Ultimum227: 0 4 because 4 bot 24/7 Ultimum227: done Ultimum227: ff Ultimum227: HOW ARE U ALL SO GARBAGE Ultimum227: except pyke Ultimum227: stfu 0/4 Ultimum227: i cant Ultimum227: this is so tilting Ultimum227: pyke want to duo after? if we get good teammates we win Ultimum227: NO U DIDNT U LIAR Ultimum227: U SOLO DIED TO DARIUS Ultimum227: 6 TIMES Ultimum227: yeah youre right ahri Ultimum227: ive never won a game Ultimum227: ever Ultimum227: ever Ultimum227: so right Ultimum227: stupid kids Ultimum227: hmm let me think Ultimum227: maybe because u begged for mid Ultimum227: and are 0/5 Ultimum227: demoted gg Ultimum227: gg report ahri
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