To all frustrated players out there ...

For those who won their lane, been able to kill 2-4 players alone and their team just go one by one to let theirself get killed so you losed the game. For those who had a guy who flamed them even when they won their lane and did their best and did not flamed back. For those which are Junglers and have hard time to jungle because support did not bought sweeping lens or refuse to buy a sightstone to help you with vision. For those who get abused by premades in pre-game lobby. For those who have trouble learning that flame back is not a solution (I mean it is really hard to stay calm let's be honest we are humans) and last but not least. For those which love the game even trough this community and belive there are still good people in a game. I want to ***THANK YOU*** for playing League of Legends, being good behaviour and helping others even if you fall divided, you still act like being united. And i want to say you are not alone, you're never alone. So please. When you play once again and feel the frustration go here, yell it out and share your feeling. Also **REMEMBER** youre never alone. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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