Stop these godam a holes in normals -_-

Well in evry normal game this hapens.TROLLS EVRYWHERE,evry single time some premade people lie about roles (me and twitch were the only one who werent premade)They lie about roles.I said jg first then the premade dudes (lee,jarvan,jax) start lying about lee saying jg first BUTTT i said jg first and twitch said top first too but since theyr premade they went whith the You conected later' Excuse so please make a pre game report screeen and at the end of the game jax was 1/11 lee was 9/4(becouse ks from all of us -_-) twitch was 1/4( he was solo and he got rekt by the vayne and tahm) and i went 3/7( becouse feeded garen and vayne destroyed me -_-) so please ban this A holes who make peoples game sh*t
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