I'm never flaming and I got permanently banned

99 games out of a hundred, i dont even use the chat. I'd never call someone a noob or a feeder. I just received 3 reward for being sportsmanlike. But sometimes, kids need to be taught respect. Here's why I got a perma ban: Game 1 CosyCara: qui CosyCara: vient sur skype SRX CosyCara: archi cassé CosyCara: /FF CosyCara: ta mère la reine des putes aussi ma gueule ;) CosyCara: " Its a proven fact that Homosexual players tends to play taric;, and tahts fine " - Riot 2016 CosyCara: " fa gs have the tendency to report for homophobia " - Riot 2016 CosyCara: why are u talking ? CosyCara: why do u su ck ? CosyCara: oops, did i touch a nerve, g ay taric ? u seems butt hurt budy boy CosyCara: are u tryin,g to prove your value on LOL because no girl want to play with your ding dong , fa ggy buddy ? CosyCara: Taric tryina act like a big boy, but we all know you gon clic on the report button at the end of this game, you little bi tch :o) CosyCara: go tell you momy ! CosyCara: taric can u stop feeding CosyCara: My Kda is mathematically ininifetely superior than yours _(I was 1/10 and he was 0/3)_ CosyCara: I guess u didnt learn that in ret ard school CosyCara: ;)))))))))))))))))))))) CosyCara: only for a fa g, are facts insults CosyCara: they are doing nash CosyCara: ZIEG HEIL ZIEG HEIL They also say that i'm part of the 0.006% of the most toxic players, and that my comments are far below the (very high as everyone knows) " standards " of the highly mature LoL comunity. This ban is absolutely unfair and I should get unbanned + have a Mecha Rengo & Project Master yi free skin as an excuse. PS: this is not a troll: https://i.imgur.com/n8WESDO.png
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