Honor progress in premades

Hey Currently I've been stuck at the same honor level for a while now maybe up to a month now without any progress even in checkpoints, I would assume that it is mainly because I would say 80% of my games are done with premades not always a full 5 but i at least 3/5 including myself are premade. Occasionally when I go into ranked games I even normally have a premade with me. I just have trouble playing the game by myself, I enjoy the game and all but I prefer the company of my friends whilst I play to enjoy it even more. I just feel like because I am playing with a full premade team I am being penalized fairly heavily for playing with friends rather than playing with new people. I tend to not talk so much in ranked but don't always mute everyone and I type the odd GG/WP/GL and all those type of phrases but nothing more. Can I get some of your opinions on this?
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