A non toxic player trying hard not to turn to the dark side...

OK, i'm not one to post on this forum, i don't do it very often, But as a massive fan of league as both a game and at a professional level, and as a person who tries his best to be the positive force on my teams, the one who says, "please, if you stop arguing and play as a team we can still win this, just play safe, pop some wards down and don't overextend" i'm severely frustrated. The thing is, in the off season i spent a lot of time practicing, working on my game mechanics, playing normals with friends who are in higher leagues than me, trying to improve myself as a player and i feel like i am a way better player than last season. Anyway, me and a friend did our placements together, he was at a similar rank to me last season, and i managed to win all 10 of my placements and carried the games quite hard in some of them, was hoping to be placed higher and build on it. I got placed in a worse position than last year. so i thought well that sucks. but i'm better than before i can get myself out of this. Anyway, after playing a lot of ranked games, trying to climb, doing well in the roles that i play (i main adc/support,) i'm getting to the point where i cant do it no more, trying to climb out of bronze is like trying to climb a ladder with no rungs in it. people who say elo hell doesn't exist haven't spent time playing with some of the players i have to play with. Not gonna deny, every now and again i have them games where i do poorly, but most of the time i don't feed or i come out on top, but i always get the players who, after getting behind, like to just keep playing aggressive and get punished for it. i mean, how am i meant to carry a game as a 3-1 adc when my mid lane has given away 10 kills in the space i have gotten 3 even though on multiple times i said play safe, farm and try to get back into the game. It's getting to the point now where i'm losing my positive mentality and i'm sick and tired of people feeding hard and ruining the game for people who actually want to try and climb and be a little more serious about their playing. what am i supposed to do? im feeling im becoming as toxic as the players i used to try and counter so to speak with my attitude. so frustrated and am thinking of leaving the game which i have loved and played since s3. The games not fun when you cant play because the enemy can one shot you even though u have done everything right in the game. Signed A Frustrated and disheartened long time league player Tl:dr frustrated at the game because of feeders and trolls and as a person with a positive attitude its starting to make me become one of the people i try so hard not to be, a flamer
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