Real life encounter with a player who trolled my game.

Hello. Have you ever just wanted to meet that one guy (and you know what I'm talking about). That one guy who completely ruined your game for you and made you feel like crap. Made you so angry , you could trash half of the room. If you could only see him in real life , see what kind of a wooden LOG , ape or a 8 year old kid you were playing with... Well that came true for me today, and honestly it broke my spirit for this game completely.. First, here is a small background on me: I have played this game since season 1. And since then i have been putting in a lot of effort into my goal of getting to some decent Elo. The highest i have been was plat 1. I have spent countless hours in normal games trying every new ad that comes out. Countless hours practicing my mechanic's / Cs/ Awareness in customs. Was among the first ones to hop on the left mouse button attack move for faster orb walking (back in the day you had to change your lol files to make it work) All in all i have not played the game casually. I go to work, i educate, and a big part of my free time i spend on this game, trying to get better. I watch streams, watch guides, watch videos of other people getting coached , trying to soak in every little bit of info that can help me. And trough all of that i actually learned quite a lot, and improved. I know how to control the lane, (talking mainly about bot lane here), how to control the minion waves, freeze, push, last hit whilst poking etc etc. I also have a very good friend who shares the same try hard toward's this game and me and him have been playing on that bot lane for about 2 years now. The highest we ever got was plat 1. Lately however we found that we had a really hard time climbing at all. And for the past 2 months we basically did everything by the book to try and get into plat again. And the experience was extremely demoralizing for us. When i say try everything i mean literally everything there is to do in the game: We follow the meta bot lanes, the meta runes, highest win rate pick's , highest win rate strat's. Synergy. W/e. In 10 days we have climbed from S5 to G1 and have been hoping back and forth from G1 to G3 for 45 days. **Now the main part: ** In the last 2 days we played a couple of games and got unlucky.. So we decided to break the bad loss streak and go for an all night'er in one of the Esport club's we have near us. This is something we sometimes do when we got off a hard day of work and we got nothing planed for tomorrow morning. This is how our night went. We won bot lane EVERY single game. No exceptions. Every game we had a positive KDA and top dmg. This is how every single game that night went for us. Me and him do the most dmg, best vision score, most objectives taken. But we still somehow could NOT win a game. And 9/10 games it was because of 1 or 2 people having absolutely no regard for the game we were in , literally no interest, just does NOT care, plays on autopilot, feed's , does not communicate with the team, does whatever the %%% he wants to do which is usually something countering our team effort and just an over all bad influence in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of the game. Completely detrimental for us. **And here is what happened next: ** The last game we played for the night we played premade bot ofc (it was that picture of the graph i showed you above) and we completely dominated the game. We left the laning phase with 6-0 on bot at 13 min. At that same time, our top was 0-4 and lost the first tower, and our mid (ryze) was 0-6. This ryze is what Im going to talk about now. The entire game , we were GRABING and doing EVERYTHING we can to win. We roamed , got towers, tried to communicate and organize our team, keep their spirit's up, set up objectives ... anything that can help us win. Whilst this ryze who finished with 4-14 was completely silent , refused to communicate , kept running into the enemy team , kept getting caught, missing skill shot's not following his team on objectives, spliting whilst the rest of us siege and overall the complete opposite of what we were doing. It felt like he completely did not care about what was going on. We lost the game in the end naturally, we had no top (2-10 cho gath) and no mid (4-14 ryze). After the game i asked a friend of mine who also decided to chill in that esport club that night to come and see the game result's. And how "unlucky" i got. He was siting across from me so i could not see his monitor. What he told me next was what broke me. It turned out that he was the ryze from my team. And this is what made me and my friend finally decide to stop playing this game and here is why: The guy who trolled on ryze was actually a diamond 5 player, and a very good one at that. In his word's, the reason he was doing so bad that game was because he "logged into his low elo alt account to have fun, troll people's games by trying out champions he rarely plays and probably fail a lot , but hey , who cares its low elo after all XDD and its not his main...". This broke my heart.. :) And i finally realized that no matter how much effort i put into the competitive side of this game (which is the only reason I'm playing it) and no matter how serious i am about ranked, how much hours i spend trying to improve with my friend , trying to boost up team morale and follow the meta and give it my all to win, there will allways be some guy who want's to have fun and troll some games on his low elo acc who ABSOLUTELY does not care for any of that and is going to lose you the game no matter what you do. If you made it to here then gratz , thanks for reading. Share your opinions on this and have fun in the rift.. I probably wont any time soon :)
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