trolling players and dodging games

i dont know why you have to be the one getting a punishment for dodging games the players dodging games are most of the time the good players. cus the reason we are dodging games most of the time are cus someone are trolling by picking troll picks or banning your champs. i where just in a champ select and my support banned our mids yasuo then he got mad and typed in the chat (you just lost your self 20lp) and then locked bliz in mid. and then the good i am i dodge the game and i have to wait to play another game and i lost lp for helping my team. i just dont understand i think it is a bit sad the one dodging looses lp and cant play for helping the team and i am not saying all are helping the team someone might just do it to stop other from playing. plz tell me what you guys think of the dodging system i am open too all
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