Another solo queue post

Solo queue is this place where u meet F#### up and toxic people who can't even play the game and will feed or troll or afk and make u lose and there is absolutely nothing u can do about it. there is no 1vs9 carry and the lies that pros say.If u get a good team u win if u get a bad one.....well......u r a noob can't can't carry right? Even if u look at a high elo game and see a pro wining lane and the game isn't looking too good and he is the only one who won his lane and other lanes lost.if he makes a few plays a tower here a drake there let his team farm up they can come back and that's because his team is actually good and they know how to team fight and how to position and how to play around objectives but they ignore all of that and go like "i carried this Sh## so hard" Mean while in plat and diamond if u r a good player and have a bad team u r gonna lose and there is nothing u can do at all even if u make plays and get a few drakes and towers u r simply still gonna lose just because of the simple fact that u r team is just bad.They don't know how to draft or how to team fight or how to play around objectives how transact your lead into something useful they can't do any of that and the best part is they feed and troll while flaming u and calling u bad and that u suck at this game. The only way to enjoy this game is to play it with your friends and play some normals and go to flex if u want to be a littler competitive and be on TS or Discord to talk to each other and laugh just like qt and DeltaFox or sp4zie and CG that's real fun and people who actually enjoy playing the game. if u look at sp4zie's series "ranked struggles"u will find that he isn't having fun what so ever when he is losing he kinda tilts not hard but he does.He becomes an entirely different guy when playing solo queue. All i am saying is i don't find that the game tests how good u r at it.It tests how much pressure can u handle in solo queue from the afk and trollers and feeders and toxic players to the bm and pinging your corpse when u r dead and the enemy telling u that u r a noob and that u just can't carry 1vs9. If u haven't noticed i posted it already in Teams&Clubs but i just want more people to see it and realize how serious i am and please rate it up if u want other people to know that u agree with me. i know this post won't matter and it's gonna go down and no one is gonna care about it but i just wanted to tell people the truth about this game
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