New Players in Silver ranked

I have a request to Riot! Pls don't put new players into Silver ranked games instantly. It doesn't matter if they manage to do well in normal games with their platinum friends, since they might be telling them exactly what to do. So, a little bit of background: I just got some freelo in a game against a jungler who seemingly just hit lvl 30 and played his 3rd ranked game EVER. Just 2 games before his first ranked game, he was still building 2 GAs in ONE game, and on top of that they were his 2nd and 3rd item on a Tristana! Don't get me wrong. I am not blaming the player here. He was still learning the game obviously. But pls, Riot, don't put new players into my games, even on the enemy side. I am currently Silver 3, and I expect players who just hit lvl 30 to be Bronze 5 or, if they did REALLY well up to that point, maybe Bronze 4 or 3. With best regards. P.S.: In the link, I was the {{champion:44}} and the player who I talked about was the {{champion:154}} [removed] EDIT: This post got far more resonance than I thought, and I got to clear some things up: Gold and higher players might look down on Silver, and I agree that Silver is not that good of a position, but that doesn't mean that we Silver scrubs are as bad as NEW players. While, yes, the average player is Silver, the average player has also been playing for 1-3 years by now. The average NEW player has been playing for 2-3 MONTHS. In that time frame, it is IMPOSSIBLE to gain the experience needed to play ranked in Silver elo. Silver players know the basics, like standing back as a carry or knowing what the enemy champions can do. New players don't have these basics. That's why in my opinion new players belong to the deep bottom of the ladder. Another thing: I stand to what I said about the system being the fault and not the players. When you hit level 30 and get the resonance, saying "oh yeah you can play ranked now", it really feels like you should also be ABLE to play ranked. Players might just not think about if they are actually ready. So please give them opponents that are equally inexperienced. You, as Riot, might even consider looking at the normal game MMR to impact initial standings, supposing that they didn't only play with premades in their normal games.
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