Got pemanently banned for reason that you are a new player ?

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i have not been playing this game for a very long time so i let my brother take a game with my account and let him learn the game abit he did good in the lane but there was a issue trigger fingers in the game.. so he got reported now for this chat its bad that there is only this logg cuz that game was so toxic i feel kind of bad that.. the guys who did play the game my brother will never bee playing this toxic game agen but my account is now banned is this the end of the game or what ?` this diana natilus and the jungler was flaming me for nothing and they played kind of poorly them self but blame everything on my brother it´s freaking bad to have this kind of bullying in this fun gam Game 1 Pre-Game Sabuton: never played yasuo Sabuton: is he good _ Sabuton: ? Sabuton: never played this game sry Sabuton: nub dont know wat feed is In-Game Sabuton: lol this yasuo do have a pipe Sabuton: do i get a gank _ Sabuton: what are you douing ? Sabuton: am i why did you come top _ Sabuton: but now i know you muted my friend told me there is ppl like you in the game Sabuton: so when you say feed is it that you can give food to some 1 in this gmae ? Sabuton: how does it work Sabuton: mm diana i mute you pings now ok Sabuton: some 1 feed this top laner Sabuton: impossible to play vs him now Sabuton: aah its diana who give this 1 food Sabuton: ah this champ is fun Sabuton: diana u feed stfu Sabuton: so i have a question guys this dude named diana or some she flame me and blame me for nothing i did FLAMING do i report him for Sabuton: so this guy is so fed by diana im thinking that im going to report him for flame feed heress Sabuton: diana i report you sry Sabuton: all i say before Sabuton: i dont care you feed this lane Sabuton: first time i play this game wtf is wrong with u ppl Sabuton: so what do i do in this game ? Sabuton: tell me Sabuton: i told you first time i play are you behind with the reeding or some _ Sabuton: 1v4 ? Sabuton: 1v4 ? really Sabuton: if you guys get in to a real fight if you ever been in a fight you dont freaking pick a fight with 4 ppl if you dont know how t Sabuton: best ever Sabuton: wp ashe Sabuton: how you say ez game ? :) ashe and natilus you are good Sabuton: ill play with you guys who play bot Sabuton: wow that whas fun Sabuton: ashe what is my mission in the game? Sabuton: can some 1 tell me what to do cuz it seems that im doing every thing so wrong ? Sabuton: ah okey Sabuton: i see Sabuton: so how do i need you ? Sabuton: what do i do ? Sabuton: ah oki Sabuton: crit ? Sabuton: what is that ? Sabuton: i told you this is my first game Sabuton: 1v5 ? not ez Sabuton: so thx diana for feeding this yoric and flaming me full game you are kind and poor kid with no judment Sabuton: so wp Sabuton: gg you all Sabuton: diana you are kind of booring team player Sabuton: wierd Sabuton: you talk to much Sabuton: my ffirt game and you this bad hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sabuton: hhahahahaha Sabuton: are you noob as me diana ? Sabuton: what did she vayne glich ? Sabuton: ahe whas gone and come back :D Sabuton: fun game but alot of flamers in the game Sabuton: wierd Post-Game Sabuton: wow this game is really toxic its my first game and this diana say im feeding and says alot of things Sabuton: i feel kind of sad for this kid Sabuton: but how ? Sabuton: its the first game for me Sabuton: hehe Sabuton: how can you be this perfekt player if all ppl flame you ? Sabuton: and to be fair she did come to my lane and feed this yoric Sabuton: hehe that is not on me Sabuton: >D Sabuton: and my brother says why didt you never come gank my lane Sabuton: is that not bad :) Sabuton: and i can see you play this game alot Sabuton: and you dont gank Sabuton: that is wierd Sabuton: help out a flamer ? Sabuton: why Sabuton: she flaming me why help here Sabuton: and you dont come top Sabuton: natilus flaming me too Sabuton: so i will report you says my brother Sabuton: bro cant you read Sabuton: i told you its my first game
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