This sums up the LoL community perfectly

In the match I just played we got put behind early due to various misplays, ending up with a fed Morde who could legit 1v4 us no problem. We're getting pushed into our base on all lanes by the 20 minute mark so I ask my team "does anyone have a plan for winning this match?" No answer. A couple of minutes later I ask again if anyone has any ideas. Again, no answer. At this point I see no point in continuing the match as nobody is communicating or working as a team, so I call for a surrender vote. Surprise surprise, they refuse. I try one more time to get my team to communicate and once again get no answer. At this point I have given up all hope and say in all chat "ggwp, I'm not going to fight anymore as my team has no intention of winning and refuse to surrender", and I spend the rest of the match just running around collecting my charms. It's only once I have said this , that my teammates finally start writing in chat. What do they say? "report bard afk". Literally the only thing they said all match was calling to report me.
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