Permanent Banning

Before I begin I know none of you will agree with me because riot has brain washed you into a way a game ought to be played. I don't care what you think. I believe someone out their enjoys to trash talk as much as me in all kinds of games and even among friends. If you are old enough to have a credit card to buy stuff from riot and wise enough to use the mute all button for chat then why are we acting like this game is middle school again and riot is the principle. I can say whatever I want whenever I want anywhere else. So do you want adults who have been adults in the real world who are not perfect well behaved non cussing people's money? I guess not you discriminatory punks. Take my money. If your goal is to lose a devoted player base such as myself, then you have achieved your goal. I can trash talk and vote for a president but I can't play your game. Ha! so ridiculous. Don't leave your comments if all you want to do is defend being a perfect non trash talking individual who follows riots rules. I only want people who wish to rise up and say enough is enough. Especially with a MUTE ALL FUNCTION! that should be up to the player not riot to police.
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