People like this should be at least chatbanned

Call me a salty edgy 14yo, but im not projecting this discussion towards my last loose and why my team sucks. I rather want to talk about a special carbon based lifeform in particular, the Garen in my last game. He picked Garen supp, which when Singed support counterjungle is a bannable offense is, totally bannable is, and started to passive aggressively blaming everyone since minute 15. We threw the game and yada yada yada we lost, no big deal. But the way he made me furious enough to write this board. The guy was all like "Oh we wanted to loose" and "See we threw and we deserved to loose" and stuff like "told you guys " after every lost fight. This is passive agressive behavior at its finest and Riot has no excuse to not ban him because of the report. People like him must be purified from this community to make it somewhat enjoyable again to play ranked. Riot, I really adore your motivation towards the game and I think all in all you are a great team, but if you set up rules please follow these rules yourself. Thank you
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