Is there anything I can do about the ban where I was genuinely trying to win the game?

So couple of days ago I've seen Wunder play Vayne top and I decided to give her a go myself. First couple of games went fine where I had decent kda and felt like I impacted the game quite a bit by either forcing multiple people on me while splitpushing or teamfighting. All in all I was having quite a bit of fun and games were going well. Then I made a huge mistake, I blind picked her without knowing what champ I am going up against, it ended up being a Yasuo OTP (This is Diamond elo). I ended up going 1/17 that game while I was genuinely trying to win. It felt like everything was against me.. Every time I would die it would be because of my lack of understanding of the matchup. Every time I would see an opportunity for an outplay and I would be so close to pulling it off. Needlessly to say Yasuo got really fed really fast. By the around 10th minute mark he would kill me left and right, diving me and toying with me for his own fun and KDA while I had to put up with 4 of my teammates flaming me, I stayed cool headed though and did my best to avoid flaming back. The issue is that I actually got banned for that game. I thought "Ok its not a big deal I can just contact the support and they will sort it out, system probably just picked up a bad KDA and automatically banned me" but then I hit a brick wall. It feels like I am just getting pre-made responses from the support. I begged them to review the game and their ban and I even tried to explain my thought process behind each death individually but to no avail, they just don't seem to care. They said in the ticket that the ban is correct and that they have watched the game but I seriously doubt it as it was pretty clear I wasn't neither trolling, inting, nor being toxic I really don't want to make a post like this but this is my last effort, I don't know what else to do. I am just hoping a knowledgable Rioter would see the post and decide to check out my ticket. I know the game was bad, like really bad, as a matter of fact it is the worst game I have ever had, all the odds were stacked against me, from the champion select, through the game where Yasuo would be surviving with 1 hp multiple times, being pixels away from the wall, his W blocking my E in quite a weird manner, bunch of enemy team coming top just to farm their KDAs while I was desperately trying to crawl back into the game by farming a bit of gold. But I never gave up on the game, I kept trying to win and kept giving my best throughout it But yeah sorry for the long post, I am just kind of venting a bit here I guess. If I rioter could check out my ticket that would be amazing because I am quite desperate at this point This is the game that I got suspended for All in all I know I %%%%ed up for blind picking Vayne but I still don't think I should have been punished for it as I gave my best, stayed cool-headed and overall did nothing against the summoner's code This is the conversation that I had with Riot Support [1]( [2]( [3]( [4]( [5]( [6](
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