Dear Riot Games

I have been a great fan of your game for years. I have felt so happy playing it and I have felt extremely miserable playing it. I can't keep myself away from playing this game everyday. I love climbing the ladder and I know for a fact that I am certainly improving. But something holds me back from playing game after game after game. Usually, 1 in 3 games (maybe more) have been infected with people who don't really care about winning or even working together. Sometimes, these players don't even care if they play. They just want to make the lives of the 4 other teammates miserable. I'm usually not that kinda guy that complains about this. But in my last 20 games of my match history, I have had 6 inters (not just feeding, intentionally feeding) and 3 people who gave up after 10 minutes. Which makes it impossible for me to climb. Now I know what you all are thinking: You probably tilt too, and talk to your team when they make mistakes. but that is not true. I simply have to mute every single player before the games starts, so I can actually have a friendly game. The thing that struck me the most, is that several players don't seem to have empathy for another. I had three guys in those 20 games that said in pick and ban fase: "Good luck guys, imma feed this game". As always, I don't answer to this statement and indeed, they just int all game. I kinda wanna say their names right here, but I won't do that. I've already sent the report. After those games, I usually report them, and write a friendly note to the banning system, so I know you will check it. Until now, I had no respons, not a single player received a punishment. I was diamond last season, I was diamond 2 the season before and now it actually prevents me from climbing. (I do make mistakes like everybody else and I'm not saying that the only reason I lose games is because of inters) If there would be a tribunal system, I would happily help out making the community better again, I even concidered applying to a job from your company that is responsible for fixing the so called community by listening to the bans of the players and actually checking them. I have not found such a job on your website lol. I know this is a long text, and my native language is not english, which makes this text written very badly, but I hope you will read this text until the very end and give your thoughts about the "banning system", or give me some points of improvements for season 9, so I can play this game again and I can have a lot of fun. I will still play your game because I'm addicted lol. Sincerely Trukendoos
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